Minhas Sask is the largest Distillery, Winery & Brewery in the history of Saskatchewan

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About Us

Founded in 2017, by Moni Minhas, Minhas Sask is the largest Distillery, Winery & Brewery in the history of Saskatchewan. With the main objective of providing a long-term boost to the Saskatchewan economy and reversing the flow of alcoholic imports into the province of Saskatchewan, from other provinces and countries, Minhas Sask’s founder, Moni Minhas, is committed to using as many local Saskatchewan ingredients in his products as possible. With Saskatchewan grown barley, malted in Biggar, Saskatchewan, cream base processed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, milk from local dairy farms, Saskatchewan produced fruits and honey, and all its products being blended, produced, bottled in Saskatchewan it will help the local economy sustain increased growth.


The state-of-the-art facility produces Vodkas, Whiskies, Gins, Rums, Ready to Drink Cocktails, Moonshines, Cream Liqueurs, Cordials, Wines, Fortified Wines, Craft Beers and more. Committed to high-quality liquors, wines, liqueurs and beers at low, affordable prices. Minhas Sask has a large range of products for every taste and occasion. 


Minhas Sask’s two locations, are located at 444 McLeod St Regina, SK and 602 51 St Saskatoon, SK, both containing a Gift Shop, off- sales retail store, tour center and of course, the Regina Distillery, Winery & Brewery it will be a unique, educational and enjoyable meeting area for locals and tourists alike. Available for corporate events, parties, weddings, etc. for up to 75 people.


Join us for a memorable adventure into the world of liquor!


Moni Minhas

M.S. (Moni) Minhas, P.Eng. was born in Punjab India. At the age of 22 years old, he moved to Canada with $6 in his pocket. He got married to Rani Minhas from Vancouver Island and the 2 of them soon moved to Calgary. He did an Engineering degree from the University of Calgary. Upon graduation, he worked for the largest oil and gas company in Canada for 13 years, progressing from engineering to senior management positions, and completed about $200 million worth of oil and gas projects and developments. During these 13 years, he and Rani became parents of 2 kids - daughter Manjit and son Ravinder – as well did evening classes of 1st years of MSc Chemical Engineering and MBA from the University of Calgary.   


In 1993, he became a full-time entrepreneur.   


He taught industry seminars in Project Management, Economic Evaluation and Petroleum Engineering to engineers, geologists and senior management of the largest oil companies in 12 countries. He also was a co-founder of 2 oil companies listed in NASDAQ, one of which had a market cap of $300 million. In 1993, he started a chain of private liquor stores in Alberta (OK Liquor Stores) which became one of the most successful retail liquor chain in Alberta. He sold the liquor stores chain to the largest publicly traded retail liquor store chain in North America in 2005. In his latest venture, Mr. Minhas has invested multi million dollars in building Minhas Sask Ventures Inc, the largest brewery, distillery and winery in the history of Saskatchewan.


Available for public speaking engagements. Contact pa@minhassask.ca for more information. Follow us to keep up-to-date on promotions and news

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